Structural Engineering Services

  • Structural design, including concrete, wood, steel, and U.R.M. structures.
  • Seismic retrofit and evaluation of existing structures.
  • Construction support.
  • BIM modeling.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Civil planning and infrastructure.
  • Precast construction design.
  • Retaining wall design.
  • Marine structures and boathouses.
  • Residential inspection.
  • Pre-stressed and post-tensioned systems.
  • Building envelope systems.

Pre-Engineering / Planning

Grummel Engineering provides pre-engineering services for owners, developers, architects and contractors who are open to all options in developing successful projects that are balanced with community needs and environmental sensitivities alike.

Value Engineering

Value Engineering services are provided to owners who feel they are not receiving innovative solutions to their projects’ challenges. Bob’s personality as a problem solver, as well as a people-person, allows him to work exceptionally well either one-on-one, or with large groups (i.e. existing design team members, architects, engineers and contractors) to facilitate the implementation of new solutions which bring the highest value to his projects.

Art and Engineering

Grummel Engineering is in a unique position to provide unparalleled engineering services for artists.  Bob has worked with many artists throughout his career, helping them find solutions to their problems without compromising their artistic visions.  Bob’s ability and willingness to work face to face with artists provides them with fast, logical, and creative options for bringing their ideas to fruition.