Our Work

At Grummel Engineering our greatest asset is the ability to problem solve.
Every job begins with a pencil, paper, and a calculator.
We start by questioning: What feels right?
We end by questioning: Does it feel right?
Each condition is our first time seeing that condition and each detail is unique to its application.
We truly enjoy our work and its process: working through problems with designers, fabricators, contractors, and owners to find the most suitable solution.
Software, Analysis Tools, and Modelling Platforms are resources that in the right context help streamline a design
Our goal is to offer simple and cost effective solutions to your design needs.

Our Clients

  • Ernest R. Munch Architect Urban Planner, LLC
  • Richard Brown Architects, AIA
  • MCM Architects, PC
  • MCA Architects, PC
  • Emerick Architects
  • Koch Landscape Architecture
  • Walker Macy
  • Neil Kelly Company
  • Pacific Geotechnical, LLC
  • SERA
  • Vigil Agrimis
  • Orangewall Studios, Inc.
  • Nyhoff Design, LLC
  • InterUrban Development
  • Boora Architects
  • Russell Development Company, Inc.
  • Mike McCulloch, AIA
  • PLI Systems / Pro Landscape, Inc.
  • Colab Architecture
  • Path Architecture
  • Forsgren Design Studio
  • JDL Development
  • Petrina Construction
  • Jean-Pierre Veillet Siteworks Inc.
  • Portland Parks and Recreation
  • Greg Kucera Gallery, INC
  • Architectural Reproductions, Inc.
  • REC Solar, Inc.
  • Limitless Blue Architecture & Sustainable Design
  • Risa Boyer Architecture
  • GBD Architects
  • Thomas Balsley Associates
  • Ed Carpenter
  • Fernanda D’Agostino
  • John Buck
  • Stephen Virell
  • Daniel Duford
  • MJ Anderson
  • Suzanne Lee
  • Rick Bartow
  • Malia Jensen
  • Dana Louis
  • Miles Pepper
  • Christine Bourdette
  • Valerie Otani
  • Damien Gilley
  • Bruce Conkle
  • Peter Beeman
  • Bill Will